Your Business Needs

Making better decisions faster can make the difference between surviving and thriving in an increasingly competitive
marketplace. More than ever before, you require fast and intuitive access to enterprise information. You need to create sophisticated queries, analyze data, print hard copies, and electronically share your results easily with coworkers, managers, customers, and partners.
There’s no time to wait to create inflexible reports that can’t be modified or “drill through” to obtain important granular details. There’s no time to wade through screen after screen, page after page of irrelevant results.
Just as information is becoming the most crucial commodities in business today, effective report generation is one of the most important assets to your organization.

Smart Reports is what you need

Smart Reports is a powerful, easy-to-use reporting tool that enables you to query a wide range of databases and sources and create sophisticated reports and forms without writing code, or learning a programming language.
With its graphically rich environment Smart Reports enables businesses to unlock information through point-and-click query construction; quite simply, Smart Reports transforms the organization's data into a valuable resource that employees, partners, and customers can access, analyze, report, and share.
Utilizing Smart Reports will sure harnesses all the power of the existing data systems by creating scalable, reliable, and secure solutions for reporting and distributing information.

Summary of Features

Creating reports with Zero coding
Bilingual Arabic/English interface in Administration, Design & Execution
Deferent report formats generation ( Freeform, tabular , grid , matrix , and labels)
DSS capabilities including :
Real Time Monitoring
What If Analysis
Run Time Reformatting
Graphical Representation
Multiple Sorting
Conditional Coloring
Drill Through
Suppress repetitive values
Filter & Filter on Filter
Composite Reports
Creating Business areas depending on the business needs
Creating functions and mathematical equations during report execution
Creating queries and views virtually
Offline Execution
Reports exporting in deferent formats like (Text, HTML, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel)
Authentication for creating, previewing, printing and formatting of the reports business areas ,reports ,tables ,columns and quires
Multiple relational DBMS connections such as
IBM AS400/ DB2,NOracle, Informix, Sybase, MS Access, MS SQL Server
None-Relational data sources such as
MS-Excel and IBM-Lotus Spread sheets
Oracle Hyperion and IBM Cube Views OLAP servers
Heterogeneous data sources on multiple servers

Minimum System Requirements

133MHz Pentium or higher with SVGA monitor
64MB of RAM
30MB Hard Disk
MS Windows NT 4.x with SP 6a, MS Windows 98, or MS Windows 2000 with SP1
Other Integrated Middleware
IBM Content Manager
SmartETL for data extraction, transformation, and loading
SmartDataQuality for data analysis and quality assessment
Key Features

Smart Reports is a user friendly reporting tool designed to be used by business users working in Arabic or English under Microsoft windows environment after few hours of training.

Access almost any data
Smart Reports can access almost all commercial Data Base Management Systems available, deferent instances of the same DBMS, and unstructured data source (flat files, Lotus forms, VSAM )

Smart Reports Metadata
Once a data base instance is selected the Smart Metadata manager will display all the data tables and its attributes and lets user redefine the database in a business terminology in English and/or Arabic, these definitions would be used as the default table header and attributes labels during the reports design processes.

Easy, Intuitive designer
Smart Reports is prepared to be used by Business Professionals to quickly design quality interactive reports using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and object-oriented explorers. The Reports Designer guides users through common tasks such as connecting to data source, selecting rows and fields, grouping, sorting, and formatting.
Created and stored reports can be further customized using easy drag-and-drop operations

Presentation Styles
Smart Reports Extracts data from databases and displays extracted results in virtually any presentation styles using pre-defined professional templates, including Cross-Tab (Matrix), Freeform, Grid, Graph, Label, and Tabular

Complete formatting power
Customize the look of your report by adding logos, pictures, shapes and colors, or simply changing the font. Smart Reports includes more than 100 formatting options for virtually unlimited control over the presentation of your data, Smart Reports has out of the box readymade templates as well as custom-made that could be used to standardize deferent formats based on specific criteria

Powerful interactivity
Easily transform data into interactive information by automatically implementing report analysis features, including; Charting, Grouping, Sorting, Alerting, Field highlighting, Drill-down, Parameter prompts, and What-if-analysis

Custom Functions
Eliminate redundant formula creation. Extract business logic from formulas to create custom functions that can be used across multiple reports. Store custom functions for single point updating and easier report maintenance.

Menu Builder
The Menu builder is a very useful feature in the Smart Reports, which is used to categorize reports into a fully parameterized tree structure that is to be used in execution or updating reports.

Multiple export formats
Publish your reports from Smart Reports to most of the familiar formats, including HTML, Excel MS Word, Text, CSV, or PDF

System Security
The System security of the Smart Reports is a crucial administrator function used to create user identifications and attach each user to a specific set of privileges, privileges is by default disable and the administrator may grant access on table, attribute, or even value level. 2009
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