Offshore Development

In Offshore development we are using the best technology available in the commercial international marketplace from IBM namely IBM Rational technology and methodology, WebSphere Studio for J2EE and Rapid application development

IBM Rational

IBM Rational is the software development platform for an on demand world. With Rational, organizations can codify their unique business knowledge and sustain competitive advantage by capturing, automating and integrating their policies and procedures in an end-to-end manner.

IBM Rational Business Developer – EGL

eSmartsoft is a worldwide market leader in EGL language that provides a simpler, more productive way to write cross-platform, network-enabled business solutions for distributed computing environments. EGL is designed to enable developers with a business concentration, to quickly deliver leading-edge solutions leveraging dynamic content web technologies, and service oriented architecture (SOA) solutions.

IBM WebSphere® Studio - Java

We use the IBM WebSphere® Studio Enterprise Developer as our Java development Platform for Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and rapid application development (RAD). With comprehensive development tools to help create, deploy and maintain enterprise Web applica­tions, developers from different technical backgrounds can easily participate in e-business projects.


Customers of Offshore Development

United Arab Emirate

● National Bank of Dubai
● Abu Dhabi Natural Gas & Oil Distribution Co.

State of Qatar

● Bank of Qatar

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

● Grain Silos & Flower Milles Organization
● National Water Company - RCBU

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