Implementation & Support

We have invested in building a competent IBM Certified Technical and Sales teams to sell, implement, and support the following IBM Software middleware products:

IBM Enterprise Content Management

IBM Content Manager manages all types of digitized content across multiple platforms, databases and applications. It provides imaging, digital asset management, Web content management and content integration.

IBM Informix Dynamic Server

IBM Informix Dynamic Server is the fastest and easiest to administrate RDBMS, Being the Informix support center in Egypt we are implementing, maintaining, supporting, and selling the entire IBM Informix product portfolio to the Egyptian marketplace.


Customers of Implementation & Support


Financial Services
● Ministry of Interior – State Security Investigation
● Shebeen El Koom Spinning and Weaving
● Central Auditing Organization
● Ministry of Industries – Amiria Press
● Presidential Authority
● Egypt Post
● Administrative Control Authority
● General Authority for Educational Buildings
● Wadi El Nile Contracting
● Water and Wastewater Holding Company
● Quina Water and Wastewater Company
● Luxor Water and Wastewater Company
● Alexandria Wastewater Company
● Ministry of State for Administrative Development
● Ministry of Defense
● Ministry of Education
● Ministry of Finance – Taxation Authority
● Ministry of Industries – Amiria Press
● Ministry of Interior – State Security Investigation
● Ministry of Interior – Persons Authority
● Shebeen El Koom Spinning and Weaving
● El Mehalla El Kobra Spinning and Weaving
● Menofia Water and Wastewater Company
● Arab Contractors
● Telecom Egypt
● World Trade Company
● Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport
● Kasr El Einy Educational Hospital
● El Nasr Casting
● Centurion Oil exploration

United Arab Emirate
● National Bank of Dubai
● Abu Dhabi Natural Gas & Oil Distribution Co.

State of Qatar
● Bank of Qatar
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