It is a client/server function that contains three sub-functions to manage extraction, transformation, and loading of data from all Data sources to central data model,

Extraction sub-function is to be used to specify the data elements to be loaded, the data sources, and loading schedules.
Transformation sub-function is to be used to specify the aggregation algorithms mapping, data validation, and data cardinalities
Loading sub-function is all about loading the aggregate data into the destination tables that is to be used for decision support

Key Features

Ability to access different Heterogonous data sources (RDBMS, Files, Office Docs, …etc)
Ability to access data on different Heterogonous platforms (Unix – Linux – Windows - …etc )
Support different versions and generations for data sources
(ex. DB2@, Informix@, Oracle@ …etc)
Powerful Transformation engine, able to transform from any source to any other source
Fast Parallel processing, to access different sources at same time for data integration
Support for multiple concurrent users to access the tools with same performance
Drag-and-drop design (graphical user interface)
Tasks reusability
Follow up of the process status  ( jobs sent, data received, errors …etc)

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