Follow up of all outgoing and incoming correspondence types.
Manage the creation, approval, the sending, and receipt.
Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation  EnterprisePerformance Evaluation , Employees Performance Evaluation, Workflow Performance Evaluation, Achieved Actions follow up, Unfinished Actions follow up and reassignment
Decision Support Creating new reports without any programming , Creating mathematical equation during report execution, What If Analysis, Run Time Reformatting, Graphical Representation, Conditional Coloring , Drill Down, Creating a single report out of multiple databases
Outgoing Automatic generation of outgoing correspondence, Customized list of correspondence type templates helps creation of proper new outgoing, Address book opens automatically for easy Selection of the To and cc values , Organization Structure is used for load balancing and escalations, Responses to outgoing correspondence are expedited
Incoming Easy actions assignment while reviewing incoming items, Auto linking to original when Respond or forward incoming items makes follow up very easy, Ensure that incoming correspondence is responded to in a timely manner
ًWorkflow  Automatic generation of Hot Lists, emails, and SMS alerts, Predefined workflow based on correspondence type, Ad-Hoc workflow to control special cases and extra ordinary correspondence, Hot List simplifies expediting outstanding responses and actions , Assign one or more actions against a single correspondence item, Follow up status of incomplete actions easily, Use Respond by and Responded fields for responses follow up

Electronic Filing  Storing correspondence in IBM Content Repositories guarantees excellent performance even with huge amounts of contents, IBM Content Manager/ FileNet Stores almost any kind of documents, IBM Content Manager a scalable platform for easy expansion, Supports attachments, cross referencing, and much more, Attach files from other applications, Electronic filing via binders / sections to simulate the paper world, Binders are the equivalent of draws in a filing cabinet  and Sections are the equivalent of separators within the draws, Users design their own filing structure, or use standard organization template, All correspondence is easily filed in more than one locations without making duplicate copies by Cross referencing via links
Standard Reporting  Standard register style reports are available , Summary and Detailed options available for register reports, Correspondence registers with full details of cross-referenced items , Exporting reports to Excel or PDF for easy emailing
Scanning  Barcode Recognition, Single Sheet Scanning, Batch Scanning, Offline Scanning, Automatic Indexing
Operation and Security  Easy to implement and use, Ensures all correspondence are captured centrally and secured, Using the Central Audit Trail streamlines Issues and Claims, Very Strict data security and access rights , Data access and process privileges are tightly linked to function
Key Features

Ability to access data on different Heterogonous platforms (Unix – Linux – Windows - …etc )
Support for multiple concurrent users to access the tools with same performance
Drag-and-drop design (graphical user interface)
Tasks reusability

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