Application Modernization

Application modernization uses the organization's legacy systems as a launch pad for the future, rather than wasting precious enterprise resources (i.e., time and money) trying to re-create.

The key to application modernization is preserving the organization's investment in its legacy systems, while at the same time enabling the new capabilities the business needs to successfully meet stakeholder demands.

We have the technology and the experience for application modernization to Java-based Web/SOA Platform.  With little experience in Java- and Web-based development, RPG, VAGen, and/ or Informix 4GL developers can jumpstart their application modernization efforts using conversion utilities from IBM and eSmartSoft to automatically convert legacy applications to Rational Business Developer - EGL.

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Customers of Application Modernization


● Ministry of Interior – State Security Investigation

● Shebeen El Koom Spinning and Weaving

● Central Auditing Organization

● Ministry of Industries – Amiria Press

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

● Grain Silos & Flower Milles Organization

● National Water Company - RCBU

Success Stories

Egyptian Ministry of Interior halves cost of apps with EGL

RBDe-EGL Tech Corner – Issue #4 – 1st Quarter, 2008